Maeve  Duffin  Slader Helpful website with answers and explanations to activities in both Math and Spanish textbooks.
Mary Virginia Nye  Board button Random things to do when your are bored
Julia Becker fun games to play online for free, requires adobe flash player
Adriana Hotsko Countdown Timer Countdown to any exciting date using cool features.
sienna falco Hay Day/ Tynker: Coding for Kids fasanating and entertaining for all ages
Madeleine Cavanagh Sin City you create your own city by gradually building up your buildings building out roads. you learn what the best way to layout your city. you can also watch your population increase as it is built and watch is they're are happy and upset.
sienna falco Hay Day fasanating and entertaining for all ages
Maeve  Duffin  Sky View Lite  An app that helps you determine constellations and other astrological features. 
Mary Virginia Nye  Sprocket  Print photos from your iphone with portable printer
Julia Becker duolingo an app that allows you to pick from multiple languages
Adriana Hotsko Trebel Download any music for free and listen offline.