Borowski Laura My mom's school uses this site to kept teachers & students.
Quinn Marissa You can chat with other Penguins!
Quinn Marissa Weird Aim.
Feoranzo Lauren Head 2 Toe Makeover- Perfom Makovers on Women in Need =]
Kantakis Teresa picture sight with slideshow selection, customizable 
Fuchs  Suzanne Tells information about ancestors who arrived at Ellis Island
Panicucci Jessica This website is a great place to have fun and learn!
Wallace Tarah Perfect site to vist for randomness when you are bored.
Wallace Tarah The Ultimate Harry Potter site for crazy Potter fans
Wallace Tarah Perfect site to visit for randomness when you are bored
Heslin  Courtney If you like to do puzzles, HERE IS YOUR SITE
Ciarfello Lisa its fun and it's cool
Kelly Diandra LEGOS! The products, the club, what more could you want?
Kelly Diandra SOUR PATCH KIDS! Sour, then Sweet.
Alcaro Mary Virtual model; see how clothes from popular stores look on you.
Pannell Amanda Good directions and good alternative to mapquest
Quinn Marissa like myspace
Alcaro Mary,,623868,00.html Fun stuff; games & quizzes; other aspects of the site educational, some just weird
Quinn Marissa A Computer and a Car! Thanks mom and dad!
Kelly Diandra If you love dogs, this site is for you.