Favorite Apps / Sites

Ava  Zolfo Wunderlist   Organizer for Homework and To-Do Lists
Caroline  Tuite MySript Calculator   This app helps you perform mathematical equations using your own handwriting 
Megan  Lee Tips   Tips gives the user helpful advice and pointers about the device you are using.  It comes with the device when you get it so everyone gets it!
Emma  Note  FoodSpotting    A visual guide and search tool to help you find food in your area with reviews, pictures, and directions to the restaurant.
Jill Neggia The Paleo Diet http://thepaleodiet.com/ Gives information for people living the paleo lifestyle.
Marielle Riccardelli Stumble Upon https://www.stumbleupon.com brings you to random websites based on your interest
Kaylee  Fuhrman  Heads Up     Heads up is a game that you try and guess the word on the card thats on the other persons head. 
Christa Torchia SimpleMind Free   Easy to use map maker
Melissa Mendizabal  Magisto  www.magisto.com creates movie videos of all your pictures with music included. 
Katrine Luddy NoWait   You can reserve a table ahead of time on the app, and track your wait time
leah   my verizon mobile   Tracks data usage and other phone services. 
Christa Torchia RunPee   Provides break times you may need to take in theaters. 
Sarah McLoughlin got Percs   allows you to order food from any place and have it delivered to your location
Christa Torchia Think Dirty   Scanner that detects the level of toxins in makeup products.
leah  ramge math chat http://mathchat.com you can submit a math problem to learn how to solve it